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Love is a battlefield – the (men’s) rules of engagement

16 May

I sat across the table from a young man who had brought up an interesting question. The boy could have been no older than 21 and had started his first “real” relationship two years ago. However he had recently met somebody else and was now seeking the advice of the rest of the table as to how he should make his mind up about which one to keep. A few heads on the table had turned to me when the question was brought up. Those heads belonged to friends of mine, both male and female, who knew I had created my own little set of principles which govern what to do in this particularly dangerous front in the battle of the sexes. They also knew that I relished opportunities like this one to educate the little ones. Continue reading


The Gorgon Enchantress & The Maturing Mind

16 May

It was a wet and windy evening and I was speeding down the A406 cutting traffic like a butcher on my way to the cinema. After all my boasting about being the only black man who ever turns up to anything on time, I was actually running late – 10 minutes late, but late nonetheless. I already had my excuse. It involved being a shoulder to cry on for a distraught female friend who I could not leave to continue her relationship with a man who obviously did not appreciate her and treated her like property. It was my duty. Of course I could not tell her the real reason I was late – which was that after the phone call, my mum had sent me on an errand and had threatened not to let me eat anything she cooked unless I went and got her onions and palm oil. At 26, I somehow I did not think that would be a turn on for any girl – so the dutiful friend story would simply have to suffice. Continue reading