The future is not some place we simply step into, it’s a place we create with our words and actions.

Connecting voices in the opinionated web of modern society, State of Mindz asks of our generation:

If not us, who? If not now, when?

We all know the adage about birds of a feather and the company they tend to keep.  The saying is as true now as when first coined by Democritus, the ancient philosopher. This narration of who we are begins with one such “bird”.

It was a London night when all traces of warmth had migrated off to Africa. There’s hustling of feet down the street near one of the busiest tube stations in the city. Past the plethora of shops, restaurants and bars he runs. His destination now visible. He’ll have to stop soon to collect himself because appearing sweaty and out of breath for a meeting – even if it’s with long-time childhood friends – and very late, is not cool. He wonders if the others are even there yet.

They are. Swimming through the well lit sea of raised chinking glasses, rapturous laughter of friends and assorted work colleagues gathered in the bar, you might be forgiven for thinking there was more to celebrate than the fact it was Tuesday. After snaking through the crowd, one would find a group of young professionals sitting around a table in a not so inconspicuous corner engaged in a heated debate.

In the centre of their table is the Evening Standard decorated with the image of a “poor” London family: The Dispossessed. A single Afro-Caribbean woman surrounded by a staggering 11 children whom she had by five different men. She “survived” on benefits worth £38,844 per year. Her story was the cause of the group’s raised voices and unrest.

Leading the assault on the article is Sentinel. Sentinel is the self-styled master of controversy himself. Never totally fitting into any social framework and able to skilfully weave in and out of several social circles and groups. Finding fault in everything and seeing a sinister story behind the seemingly harmless. Passionately opinionated and witty.

Leading the defence is Na CH M o. Na Ch M o is as spaced out as his name would suggest. Ever the commander and ever willing to gallantly charge into battle – preferably when the enemy’s asleep. Comfortably sits in any social setting. A man of paradoxes yet thoroughly principled. One gets the feeling he argues because he enjoys playing devils advocate.

Moderating the verbal brawl is the bridge of opinions himself, Atticus. Atticus is the thinker. A champion for the worthy causes of our day. Ever in pursuit of life’s ideals, with an enduring passion to inspire and empower others in all breadths of life.

Sitting like a Shaolin Monk in Zen-like concentration is Ducarta. His detachment from the debate should not be mistaken for apathy. Always poised like a cobra – just without the hissing and rattling. A developer of himself and his environment by nature. A man who, unlike Sentinel and Na CH M o, takes time to form an opinion. Suffice it to say, Ducarta is a still water that runs deep.

Into this eclectic assemblage of personalities wanders our runner. His gaited steps, purposed swagger and broad smile conceal the fact he had exerted himself all the way to the venue. “Sorry I’m late” he declares in a most unperturbed happy tone. It’s his gift however that somehow we believe his apology is entirely genuine. One who makes friends as easy as ducks swim. Find a man who dislikes him and you’ll be branded liars by God Himself. He is Ambassador4X. He takes his seat. The circle is complete. The debate rages on.

We know the company birds of a feather prefer to keep. There’s a shared purpose which binds this group – a passion to develop ourselves and enable others. It’s the desire to expand our understanding of life in relation to our own and society at large. It’s the desire to engage the minds of our generation and encourage them to think outside the box. It’s a meeting of minds to make that difference.

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