Vuvuzelas Parable‏

21 Jun

Our thanks to Jasan for sharing this commentary and poem with SoM.

Now that many of you are engrossed in following World Cup football, I’m sure you wouldn’t have missed the sounds of Vuvuzelas** that are deafening ears.

While many of you may hate its sound volume to be a real irritant, I’ve travelled in the opposite direction to imagine a parable those sirens out of Vuvuzelas bring to the world.

Could South Africans have had a world cup in their soil if Apartheid still prevailed – the answer is no, given the level of sports ban which pro-freedom activists world over campaigned for.

Could they have been able to watch it – may be, in a separate inferior stand while white South Africans watched it from air-conditioned boxes.

Could they have been able to blow the Vuvuzelas so jubilantly and joyfully – the answer is no, as white South Africans would have banned it.

So Vuvuzelas that fill the stadiums with sound carry a message which is: Freedom! Only when you have freedom, one can be free to enjoy one’s tradition, music, faith and beliefs. So Vuvuzalas inspired me to write this poem and I hope you all enjoy it. (Jasan)


Vuvuzelas Parable‏

To the sons of the soil of South Africa

“Born to be free” term seemed empty

To the born, once in not too distance past

Bitter, yet you fought with dignity

An apartheid regime of outright racists


But beware today’s freedom-busters

And racists; your pogroms of evil will fail

Sure one day; listen to hundreds thousands

Vuvuzelas that reverberate entire soul

Of South Africa which affirms freedom unchained


Desire to be free comes in genes of humans,

However long ages and thick be of oppressive chains;

Spirit of freedom never diminishes nor overwhelmed

By guns, laws, or politics of gutter – be assured

Freedom-busters, Vuvuzelas soon’ll honk your end


Green valleys and falls of Orange, Storm and Mahai rivers

Amid your bosoms run rich veins of the spirit of freedom

Mountain tops and cliffs of Cape and KwaZulu Natal,

Around your cliffs emanate winds of freedom that travel

Wide to fill horns of Vuvuzelas, echoing freedom,

Which sons of South Africa very richly deserve.

Jay A. Jasan 


**vuvuzela – a plastic horn commonly blown by fans at football matches in South Africa. Its sound can reach up to 127 decibels, the equivalent of an air raid siren.


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4 Responses to “Vuvuzelas Parable‏”

  1. They should stick their Vuvuzela..! June 28, 2010 at 5:02 pm #

    Vuvuzelas are so noisy that makes all the atmosphere on the public disappear. There is only a constant noise. No songs, no rumours, nothing. The public makes the sport but this is not the case if all you can hear is vuvuzelas.
    I watch the games with the sound off cause I found them really annoying.
    You can find on websapce a lot of articles from funny to sad, pro and contra vuvuzelas.
    I’m against. I even created a facebook event against them.

    Keep quiet please! 🙂

    • Atticus June 28, 2010 at 6:40 pm #

      Florin, I agree. lol The noise level is a real irritant. The atmosphere of the fans, especially in football is one of the best things, but that’s been drained away by the vuvuzelas. Watching on TV is just about manageable but I’d take a pass on sitting in the stadium ; )

  2. NaCHMO July 1, 2010 at 10:05 pm #

    When you are in Rome do as the Romans do!

  3. Levi Muller July 2, 2010 at 2:37 am #

    Great post!

    I think that a small amount of vuvuzelas would be ok, but the amount present at the world cup is annoying, distracting, and overpowers the usual amazing crowd atmosphere.

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