Blue Ocean, Black Gold, Brown Gardens

6 Jun


(Image courtesy of John Cole) 


Since the April 20 explosion at the Deepwater Horizon offshore oil rig, nearly 800,000 litres of oil have been gushing out into the ocean every day. It’s now been over 6 weeks, so imagine the consequences as this continues unabated.

Costs and Effects of the BP Oil Spill: by Visual Economics

The oil slick off the Gulf of Mexico is an environmental tragedy, one of many to hit the earth as frequent as full moons in the future as greed of men, big businesses and states multiply phenomenally. Until the rapacity for risks and riches is tempered, such worst-case scenarios will become the reality – a disaster in waiting to the detriment of our world. With consequences more serious and far reaching than one from the recent past, the global financial crisis.

Jay A Jasan shares these thoughts in his poem below (exclusive to SoM!):


Blue OceanBlack Gold Brown Gardens

Greed of nations and men combined

Drive search for black gold at ocean bed’

Royalties and right-to-exploration fees

Fill treasuries of states and big businesses.

Disasters oft a hidden hand in such ventures

Result – a green disaster at ocean beds which yield

Lush green everglades to sticky oily brown field’

Oil spills unfold brown carpet over blue ocean

Thousand miles span, sea creatures and birds clan

Perishing for private-public greed for petro $ gain.

Nation states of all denominations can’t resist

Temptation of black gold so they drill and twist

Daggers on mother nature, deep into her veins.

Scale of dogged persistence delivers extreme pains

Testing extent of mother nature’s core patience.

So she explodes oft to reveal her agony and annoyance.

Oh humanity! What has become of you? Whence

You lived with nature in the past no such incidence

Recorded and only when you choose to violate nature

Love for the environ lost and lust of human creature

Reached astronomical heights and thence began sin’

Of global rush to find black gold at even at depths of ocean

Once and for all eternity, listen you humans, your desire

For depraved profits at the cost of depleted nature

Can only lead to blue oceans turning brown

And lush greens becoming brown garden’

Pity! Earth no more a garden of Eden

But rather a place for greed driven men and nation’

Jay A. Jasan

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