Voice for the Voiceless

19 May

I recently came across these rather poignant verses of Iris Chang, an American-Chinese journalist who wrote one of history’s only accounts of the forgotten atrocities of World War II – The Nanjing Massacre (1937). 


 “I’ll give voice to the voiceless 

 Silenced for too long 

Crying out for justice 

Trust me with your pain 

I’ll take it as my own 

I’ll fight to get the truth told 

My weapon is my word.” 


In a period of six weeks following the capture of the city of Nanjing (the former capital of the Republic of China), between 20- 80,000 women were raped and hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians were killed by the Imperial Japanese Army. 
Why is it we don’t know about this? How many of us know of global issues today that go unspoken, unheard and unreported? 

It brings to mind what Martin Luther King once declared in his fight against racism and segregation that, “injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.”  We are all inter-connected. If any group of people is afflicted by injustice and we stand idle, paralysed by indifference, aren’t we all responsible for the inaction? 

Each one of us can make some small difference where we are right now. We live in an era where technology allows us to connect beyond boundaries and get our message across like never before. Many blogs and social media are revolutionizing public awareness, allowing grassroots voices to be heard.  

We have a duty, to “speak up for those unable to speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are defenceless.” (Proverbs: 31:8). This is one of my mission goals of this blog, to raise and engage our voices for the voiceless. So let’s speak up! 

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